Frequently asked questions

What is Evolusen?

Evolusen is a Members Only Creators platform for Travel, Lifestyle and/or Food focused Creators. We specialize in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, aimed to pitch you to Hotels, Restaurants and/or Attractions.

What are Experiences?

Experiences are Hotels, Restaurants and/or Attractions you can request on our platform.

What does Request mean?

Request means that it is not guaranteed approval. Evolusen’s team will pitch your request(s) to the Experiences for approval. A Request can be approval for dates or your request to experience them as a whole.

What if the Request is not approved?

We will refund the Experience Credit(s) back to your account if your request is not approved, so you can request another Experience.

How many Experiences can I Request at once?

You can request up to two Experiences at once. If you purchased Pay as You Experience Credits you will be able to use them once you post for the first two Experiences.

Do Events cost Experience Credits?

No! Even though our Events are very exciting experiences, they do not cost Experience Credits.

I have more questions!

We would love to hear and answer any other questions you may have! Shoot us an email at

Evolusen is Members Only, what are some things you look for in an applicant?

Here are some of the key criterias we look at: More than 10k followers on Instagram Good engagement rate Creative and/or original content