Work with Vetted Travel and Foodie Influencers

Reach more guests and visitors with real influencers

Why use Evolusen for influencer marketing?

We understand the success of your influencer marketing strategy hinges on the audience they have cultivated through their content.

That's why we've implemented a meticulous vetting process to ensure that our network consists only of genuine travel and foodie influencers who are as passionate about exploring the world as they are about sharing their experiences.
Handpicked network of Travel and Foodie Influencers
Content focus and quality
Audience interest focus

In a landscape where engagement can be artificially inflated, Evolusen introduces a game-changing metric: the Authenticity Score.

Our system employs advanced analytics to assess the authenticity of followers and engagement on all influencer accounts.
Comprehensive Analysis
Transparency and Trust
Data-Driven Hosting Decisions

Designed to help you forge influencer partnerships that are primed for success.

This approach helps you identify influencers who excel in creating content that performs exceptionally well in engaging potential guests and driving results, regardless of their follower count.
Dynamic Rating
Efficient Resource Allocation
Enhanced Campaign Outcomes

Eliminate the guesswork in evaluating influencer performance.

Gain instant access to up-to-date insights directly from the influencers' accounts. This includes engagement rates, watch time, content reach, and more.
No More Outdated Media Kits
Strategic Decision-Making
Real-Time Insights Access

Designed to simplify how you engage with the best influencers.

By bringing vetted foodie and travel influencers directly to you, eliminating the need to manually search on social platforms like Instagram and cold out reach.
Streamlined Direct Connections
Save up to 80% of time
Efficient Kickoff