Gondola Getaway's COVID-19 Safety Protocols

About Gondola Getaway

Gondola Getaway was founded back in 1982 under the concept of bringing the old world charm of the “Gondola” back into the canals of Naples Islands, Long Beach. The gondoliers will take you through the water and canals of Alamitos bay and Naples Islands while sharing stories of the neighborhood and singing beautiful tones.

What is Gondola Getaway doing for your safety?

With the experience being completely outdoor and that the gondoliers were already "socially distanced" from the guests, Gondola Getaway would be considered a low-risk experience. Here are some things they are doing, in addition, to keep their customers and staff safe:

  • Reservation required via their website and or phone (562) 433-9595

  • The box office is now staff only

  • Gondolas will be disinfected between every ride

  • Sanitation station available before each ride

Check out this video below for the full experience:

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